« we've trained thousands of clients hundreds of hours »

« 9 years of experience »

« outdoor exercises with own weight  »

« creating sport and eating habits »

« break your limits with your body and mind »

Training is divided into: group training, individual training, kids training or street training  ( in which people learn the harder elements of the workout ). When you exercise you using the bar, workout parks, gymnastic rings, mats and especially the nature around.

We also try to present the Body Beat Workout in an entertaining way through various competitions and events where people can get to know each other and have a fun.

Trainers can adjust each training  according to the  individual or group abilities.


Jakub Slotta

founder of BBW

,,My name is Jakub Slotta and in 2011 I set up a brand Body Beat Workout. Before I set up a brand I spend a lot of time on bike because I was a professional cyclist. When I finished my career I decided to work professionally as a coach in workout. I am glad that for many years of works I've been able to change life for a better large number of people."

Naďa Kučerová

trainer BBW

,,Hi I am Naďa. I have been doing sports for a long time, namely 12 years of dance and martial arts. I started workout 2 years ago because I have wrong spinal injury. I took it as a part of rehabilitation after injury. But I fell in love with workout. I never thought, that exercises with your own weight would give you so much strength, endurance or health." 

Milan Hajský

trainer BBW

,,My name is Milan, and people know me from the environs of Púchov because a few years ago I became a BBW coach in this town, town  where I came from. Besides my family and everyday work, I work as a BBW coach. My specialty is oldschool street and power elements  but group training with me knows everybody."

Michal Šranc

representative of BBW

,,Hello I am Michal Šranc and I am Jakub's assistant coach and arepresentative BBW team too. I represent BBW like a ultra runner at various international events.  
Together with Jakub, we have combined workout and running in several competitions, and we have created new sporting experiences for everyone who wants ,,BEAT THEIR LIMITS".