LUNGES ON THE TOP 19.5. 2018

The next challenge of this year, we focused on the legs. We decided to overcome  hill over Žilina - Straník. On this hill we had a lot of our events, but the nobody never tried to overcome this hill in lunges. We started from Zastranie church and did lunges  up to the top without break or water. The track was long 1,32 km. Each of us has done more than 1200 lunges. It took us 59 min. VIDEO


Every year, Body Beat Workout organizes ALL DAY WORKOUT where all participants overcome their limits. This challenge lasts all day and works in different places (of course outdoors) in any weather. It's 6 workout trainings for 11 hours which are very hard. The participant can choose how many training does he take. The best beasts who complete the challenge are awarded by a certificate.


Most people 24.12. relaxing, tasting cakes, packing gifts and preparing for the Christmas dinner. We wanted to deserve it, so we had a lesser challenge: Each of us for 4 hours. 30min done ...

1000 push ups     500 dips    500 pull ups

So together 4000 push ups   2000 dips   2000 pull ups!!!

PULL UP CHALLENGE 17.11. 2017 

People usually get used to their fixed training and reps and they do it all the time. The muscles also get used quickly, then the person does not improve. We like to change the training so we decided to go this way... Everyone has determined the number of pull ups that he wants to achieve.

JACKOB : 1000 pull ups 3h. 12min       NAĎA : 600 zhybov 3h.   


We are also trying to present Body Beat Workout in an entertaining wayso we decided that during the sport weekend in Liptov, we would practice in places where people would not expect it. We were trained :

in the air /huricane factory/ on the water/on Liptovska Mara/ in the cave  /Stanišovská cave/


At BBW Camp, we have motivated clients to overcome their limits. During the all-day hiking, we switched 10 exercises (lunges, dips,push ups, side raisesin pair, triceps in pair, biceps in pair, push ups on shoulders, plank, jumps 180°, squats) per series. Together we have achieved 2017 reps of each exercise!

video THERE!

WORLD PULL UP DAY 11.9. 2016

In Slovakia, we were one of the organizers of World PULL UP Day. Everyone, regardless of age or physical fitness, has tried to give his maximum number of pull ups at one time. Our site was in Púchov and in Slovakia, we and all of our participated have a very good score :)

10people=10 000push ups CHOPOK 17.10. 2015

During the birthday camp BBW in Liptovský Ján, we climbed to the bottom of our forces and overcome another record. During our trip to Chopok, we have done 10 thousand pushups(exactly 10,400) It took us from White Pout to Chopok 2h 40min. Who? How much?  Hanka - 500  Mel - 600  Zuzana - 600  Katka - 800  Filip - 1200  Miro - 1400  Milan - 1100  Jakub - 1100  Maroš - 1000  Mišo - 2100

PULL UP KING 29.11. 2014

At the Pull-up King action, we were super-trained and each of us has gone to the top of his forces. This is how it should be! Challenge consisted of doing as many pull ups as possible in 1 hour. One whole hour of pull ups : Miro Obernauer - 375, Milan Hajsky - 423 , Jakub Slotta - 576, Mišo Šranc - 534 In this first action, I named all of the Kings, because they clenched their teeth and they do it.

44 km-4400pushups(Strečno - Kľak)25.10. 2014

We decided to run from Strecno to Klak. But we decided for more extreme form / training form: 

During run from Strečno to Klak, did 4400 pushups together.  We've done this and we still keep this record :)


We were run the Rajecký marathon but in another way! From the start of every 5 km to the finish, we trained our training exercises, which were really difficult during the race. Especially when we must stop from our tempo and then catch the missed again. We are not runners - marathons, we had it a little more difficult and  the heat was extremely hot during the race. - video THERE 

140 km ON SKATES 30.5. 2014 

Here you can watch the video of today's Mišovo massacre! He made 140 km of skates for really bad weather, where others hid ,he fought! ! Where it hurts, we start! Today big BEAT YOUT LIMITS for Mišo !!! This is how we prepare for the ultrtrarun Štefanik trail.